Thursday, April 21, 2011

What a week!

My new porch came in the mail yesterday, I'm so excited!
We have been wanting to build a covered porch or pergola or something since we moved in but currently we are up to our eyeballs in projects and it's just not an option right now. So what's a girl to do? I ordered myself a new porch off Amazon. something like this...
Well it's kinda a porch... well okay, it's a huge shade sail but it will take my currently overly exposed deck and make it a comfortable shady wonderland. Long story short it was less than a $100 and it will cover the back deck and it has a 10 year warranty. I was told by my darling yet fed up husband that I was not allowed any more projects and a covered porch is definitely a project, but this as simple as installing hardware and tightening ropes.

Because when you look like this your not allowed to play out in the sun for too long before you crazy mommy makes you seek shelter form the sun.
That's right, with the exception of trips to the river or pool I completely refuse to put sunblock on my kids! Yep I'm crazy I know, but neither of them has ever had a sunburn!

Tangets aside, I am very excited to get it all hung up, I'm also pushing for a hammock but that idea has been shot down, the nerve!

 We are still yet to get dirt into our raised beds, so there they sit looking like empty coffins in my backyard, beckoning to my children to climb in and use them as all sorts of imaginary race cars, ships, and airplanes.
Apparently 1/2 c.Yard of organic soil is hard to find in these parts, which means we get to buy 13 bags of soil at about $10 bucks each! Ouch!

Next week is the boys spring break and they are going to Camp Gramma's for the week. I hope to get a lot of projects done to make up for my lack of creativity this past few weeks. So check back, I promise I'll actually do something interesting at some point!

Well that's about it for the random and mundane news report, have a great day everyone! I can finally breath through my nose and have stopped sneezing constantly so things are really looking up for me.

Peace and cold tea on the porch!

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