Friday, September 28, 2012

Adventures in Budget Renovations- Doors and more (part 2)

A few days ago I showed you the first parts of  us finishing up our kitchen which entailed relocating our washer and dryer, installing an on demand hot water heater on the outside of our house and adding a deck from the door to nowhere around to the existing deck. Part 2 of our seemingly never ending kitchen renovation begins with the installation of that beautiful door you see in the horrid photos below. I do apologize, but there is just no way to stage construction photos.
With that fabulous new door in we could finally turn our attention to removing the large bank of cabinets that used to live over our washer and dryer. These cabinets did offer a TON of storage but at 18" deep they stuck too far out into the already limited space, so down they came!
*since these were impressively sturdy cabinets we decided to re-purpose them as garage storage*

 just look at all that visual space! 

Once the offending cabinets (shown here on the floor waiting to be carried to their new home) had come down from the wall we began planning a shallower pantry cabinet to fill this wall. After sketching and debating for several days Jess finally set to work building my pantry, eek!

At 7' tall and 5' wide this is a much more suitable fit for this space!

Here is the beginnings of the new pantry cabinet. In order to make the best use of the limited space we have in our kitchen we opted for a shallower floor to ceiling pantry. The new cabinet measures just 13" deep but with six shelves we are sure we will have ample storage for everything. Personally I find it is a lot easier to keep a shallow pantry tidy rather than the extra deep ones that things get lost in!

Here is the cabinet as of this morning. Hopefully by this weekend it will be finished and then I can fill/sand/prime and paint while Jess starts on the doors. 

We are off this weekend on a camping trip with my son's school, which is perfect timing since the sawdust and tools are really starting to get old!

I hope you also have a fabulous weekend!
& sawdust!

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  1. Loved the way you did the paper bag floors, you made it seem easy...wish me luck when I try it!


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