Friday, June 11, 2010

My sweet summer is here

So this morning (and by morning I mean 3:30 which is really still last night) Jessie dropped the full hot pot of coffee in the kitchen sink and it exploded all over the kitchen. so now every inch of my kitchen is brown and glittery from the coffee and glass. Of course he was running late, so stupidly I said "oh honey don't worry I'll clean it up for you." I don't mind cleaning and truthfully I'm pretty darn fast at it, and do you wanna know why, because I am usually caffeinated! So here I sit sipping my 20 oz. coffee that I ran out to get the moment the kids woke up. The girl at the coffee shack laughed when I pulled up in all my morning beauty. "Did you run out of coffee ma'am?" she asked as I sat rubbing my eyes in the car...
Fortunately I had such an amazing day yesterday that nothing could really be all that bad today. And to top it all off one of my dearest friends welcomed her first child into the world last night, so bring it on bad luck, cause the sun is shining and I'mm still in a damn fine mood. Our friends decided to not find out what they were going to have, but I felt the entire time that it is a girl and I have been calling her Summer. Funny enough today is the first day of sun we have had in weeks and there is nothing in the forecast but sunshine, So I guess Summer is finally here, both of them.
So now I'm off to do yoga in the warm morning sun, and In honor of our sweet Summer baby I'm going to do my meditation in the happy baby posture.

The Sanskrit name for the pose is Ananda Balasana, which translates to happy baby. First you lie on your back and bring your knees up to your chest with your knees in your armpits or at least as close as you can get them. I like to wrap my arms around the back of my thighs and gently rock side-to-side but if you prefer you may just lie still while gently pressing your knees deeper into you armpits. this exercise is a supine posture and is supposed to focus on you lower back and upper leg muscles. As always with yoga, it is of the highest importance that you allow your muscles to relax and that you remember to breathe. Holding your breath will cause your muscles to tighten and relaxation will be nearly unachievable.

Let your Peace and Love shine like the sun, and warm the Earth

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