Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Recently I have adapted myself to a new mental and physical health practice. I try to do this at least every few days.

I swing! Now, I have found that as far as calories go you burn about the same as walking, but I don't really do it to burn calories. Mostly I swing because it feels good and it's FREE! I have always loved the child like feeling of swinging high and truthfully any activity is good for you. I consider this to be more of a meditation than anything else but Orion is almost completely over his fear of heights since I convinced him to swing "big" with me.

At first I used to just sit on the bench with all the other moms, only going on to the play equipment to rescue a frightened climber or settle minor disputes. Then one day I started actually playing at the park, and it is so much more fun!

Sure the mom's looked at me kinda funny at first but then all their kids wanted to play tag with the "Fun mom." That's right, I'm the fun mom! So take my advice next time you are at the park with your wee ones and jump on a swing, pump your legs and close your eyes.

Peace and a squeaky swing!

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