Saturday, August 14, 2010

Cowboys have to sleep under the stars

For Mason's 2nd birthday I have decided to move the boys from their room, which is the smallest room in the house, to the guest room. Currently the boys room is painted with an out door mural complete with pond, grass and blue sky. The previous owners of the home had the mural done for their twin boy and I just cannot bring myself to paint over it. In their new room the boys will have a vintage cowboy theme. Yesterday I started by painting the ceiling, and today I will paint the lower half of the walls a rusty red color.

Because cowboys have to sleep under the stars, and because I'm addicted to dark blue paint I am doing a night sky mural on the ceiling. It is a considerably simple mural to do. I buy 2 gallons of paint 1 midnight blue and the other a lighter navy blue. Next I carefully pour the dark blue into the left side of a paint tray then quickly I pour the lighter blue into the right side. this trick works best if you and someone else can pour the paint at the exact same time. then you have a filled paint tray that is half dark blue and half light blue. You can also buy a fancy divided roller and tray but I am thrifty and this works just fine. next you roll the 1/2 and 1/2 roller in a very random strokes on the ceiling. I usually do 2 coats to achieve a blue with great depth. I'll post some pics later of me painting the stars.

Peace despite the paint in my hair

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