Wednesday, August 11, 2010

National S'mores Day

Yesterday was National S'mores Day so I thought I'd share a few pictures of our family enjoying our favorite gooey, chocolatey treat. We mad ours on the bbq but I also enjoy the traditional method, or the microwave method, or...oh, who am I kidding I'd eat a S'more of the ground that had been heated by a toothless hobo's cigarette lighter. anyways enough of that creepy image here are some much much cuter ones.

Peace and sticky fingers


  1. I was at the grocery store yesterday buying obvious camping food and the checker gave me a hard time because I bought marshmallows and nothing else for smores. I always shy away from the sticky fingerness of them... but your boys make them look so delicious, I might have to relinquish my "Anti-S'mores Mean Mom" title! :)

  2. well it is no coincidence that we only eat them right before bath time ; ) thats okay I won't let my kids play with Moonsand, playdough is the farthest I can go.


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