Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Book Club

A few moths ago I reluctantly joined a newly formed women's book club. We are still somewhat new to the town we live in and I am still trying to make new friends and connections so with hesitation I agreed to be a member. I say with hesitation because while I am an avid reader, I am also find reading to be a very personal experience that I am not eager to talk about with strangers. Having done my fair share of high school book reports I felt that I did not need to sit in a room and prove how large my vocabulary is.

Well, I was wrong.

as much as I wanted to hate the book club gatherings, secretly I really enjoyed them. I even agreed to host our third meeting, which was a hoot! We are up to about 12 women and apparently word of my lemoncello cranberry cocktails from the 3rd meeting has gotten around town because there are about 5 more women wanting to join the group.
Currently we are reading Little Bee, the story of a Nigerian girl who Travels to England. She prides her ability to captivate people on the fact that she has taught herself to speak the Queen's English by reading newspapers while in an immigration holding facility. Author Chris Cleave is an utterly beautiful writer,and maybe my new favorite. And just look at that cover, it's so yellow and pretty!
I truly recommended this little jewel of a book to you, or as LaVar Burton would say at the end of Reading Rainbow, "Of course, you don't have to take my word for it."

Peace, quiet and a good book

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