Thursday, September 30, 2010

World peace, or a clean bathroom

there are very few things in life that make me happier than a clean bathroom, and that makes me feel bad. Maybe it's because I live with 3 boys, maybe it's because I'm lazy, but a truly clean bathroom is truly a glorious feeling. This makes me feel bad because it's not a championed court case, it's not a new designer accessory, and it's certainly not world peace. maybe, just maybe it is a sort of my-world peace. Now I feel as though I should let you know that I throughly clean my bathrooms about once a week and maintain it daily but that absolutely clean kind of clean is, well, a triumph.
I'm not quite sure why I am ashamed of my joy but I feel that as a modern woman I should be. but alas I am an official and professional artist and today my newest piece is this very clean house.

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