Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tuesday 10- Momma Peace


This past weekend my boys went fishing, which meant that I had the whole house to myself all weekend. While I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's, it is so nice to have some quiet solitude for a few days to help you appreciate what you havve.
This weeks Tuesday 10 are my momma time highlights from the weekend...

Getting to unveil my NEW BLOG DESIGN! Thanks so much to Kim at 733 Designs for doing such a great job at putting my style into a design and doing it so quickly!

Cleaning my house on Firday and having it stay that way until the boys got back Sunday afternoon (exactly 5 minutes after they got back)

I love you Steve Martin, what a great summer read! 

These ultra fab gold heels I bought myself, and then when dancing in!
Seriously, I danced my butt off in these and my feet were still happy at the end of the night!

A fun local band, who did an all Fleetwood Mac night!
And the lead singer Christina is 6 months preggo and as cute as can be!

Sipping my morning coffee in the warm sunshine as my chickens peck feverishly at my painted toenails. I guess they think bright red toenails look like delicious bugs!

Having my honey send me adorable pictures from their fishing trip

Watching a chick flick without anyone picking on me, and cyring without feeling silly!

Not cooking 1 single meal the whole time!

Not coming home to an empty house after work on Sunday!
Being covered in hugs and kisses and getting to hear all about papa's boat!

What do you do when you have the house all to yourself? 

Also, I want to wish my momma a very very happy birthday today! I wish I could be there to make you dinner and watch a Giants game with you!

Peace and cute shoes!


  1. LOVE Beaches. Watched it so much as a child that I wore out my VHS tape. :-) Haven't seen it in years, and now MUST go locate it on our movie shelf and have a chick flick night of my own!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous girly weekend. Love the shoes! Beaches always makes me shed a tear - I forgot about that movie....now I want to see it again. Your blog looks fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing your Tuesday Ten - Hope you are having a wonderful week. ~ Stephanie Lynn


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