Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Before we head out of town for a few days I thought I'd show you my September arrangement for my diy'd pottery barn shelves. As I have said many times I love to re-arrange my junk according to the seasons. I do not have much clutter in my home so I really like to use these shelves to display my treasures. I'll probably decorate for Halloween here in a week or two so this arrangement is very temporary...Yay Halloween!

via Pinterest

The cork "C" and the painting on the bottom are both inspired by pintrest pictures. The little nest painting was the outcome of my doodling with paint rather than art journaling the other day. I love how the colors of the paintings just blend right in with all my other items. The fall always makes me feel like nesting so I thought I'd translate that literally into my September display. I also fashioned a few little nests out of spanish moss from the dollar store and placed those in mini  apple crates. In other places around our home I have hung fall wreaths and placed baskets of blankets and pillows. What things are you beginning to rearrange in your home as our days get shorter and our nights get cooler?

Well I better run, I have so much to do before we leave. I'll be back soon with pictures to share!

& pumpkin spice candles!

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