Friday, October 21, 2011

Stencil the day away

This week despite not feeling all together well I decided to paint my bathroom. Well, not just paint but stencil my bathroom. I love painting a bathroom because in the course of a day or two you can completely change an entire room. Inspired by Emily's office over at Jones Design Co. I decided I would paint all my troubles away and make my bathroom a little more interesting too.

First I painted the top half of the walls with
 Restoration Hardware Silver Sage
I love this color and I got a gallon for $4 when our RH (which was the original RH) went out of business a while back. I was happy about the price but sad to see the original RH close :(

Then I made my cardboard stencil and began tracing my pattern on the walls
Thank goodness I had NPR and Pandora to keep me entertained!
Next with my favorite shade of white 
Ace Royal in New canvas
I began painting over my penciled design with a 1/4" paint brush
Several sessions and some pretty serious hand deformations later and I had gone all around the room
The lower half of the walls are now painted white and awaiting trim to separate the 2 colors

Now I could have used a real stencil and my lines would be perfect but I much prefer the hand painted look even if it does get a little wonky in a few places. In this pic you can see a sample of the trim I want to put all around the room. The trim is a job for the Mr. and I've been warned that it is a low priority so it may be a while before he gets around to it. 

Overall the room is much brighter and much more fun! I'll post a few more pics after I get the whole room cleaned up and back together.

I hope you all have a great fall weekend!

& crisp fall mornings

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  1. Oh my goodness! What a fun pattern! You are amazing, Merr!


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