Monday, October 31, 2011

The Cowboy and the Lego Man

I hope you are all enjoying your Halloween. We are back from candy collecting and are all snuggled up with our favorite halloween movies and bellies full of sweets. Speaking of sweets here are a few highlights of mine...

This year My oldest decided he wanted to be Lego Luke Skywalker
So, 1 Costco sized red vines container and a cardboard box later we had a pretty good Luke, complete with black glove covering the hand Darth hacked off!

My little Lego Jedi was pretty popular, he even won a costume contest

Then there was my little cowpoke. His exact words were "I wanna be a cowboy with a rope!"

We had a blast at our annual Halloween party

We decorated cupcakes, read some spooky stories and played a lot!

Then we carved our pumpkins, making sure to save the seeds so we could roast them and make a delicious snack

luckily, daddy was able to help 

then it was finally time to go trick or treating

and get some "CANDY" !!!

Happy Halloween from our home to yours! I hope everyone is enjoying a safe and sugary sweet night!

pass the candy

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