Friday, November 11, 2011

No pretty pictures, just gratitude

Today is veteran's day, and unfortunately my veteran has to work. It's not fair really, I think all service men and women should get it off it as a national holiday, I mean school children and bankers get it off and they didn't even have to go through basic training. But you know, those vets they don't really complain about having to work their holiday. After all that's what they do right, they work so the rest of us can go on with our daily lives.

 There are quite a few veteran's in my life, some went around the world to serve and some never left the states. Some went into the service to expand their future and some had no choice, leaving their homes to fight in a war they may or may not believe in. 

Some may be marching in a fading parade today,
or reminiscing with fellow vets over a pint in their sleeveless BDU's.
Some may be alone with their terrifying memories of jungles, deserts and other far away lands.
Some may even just go about their regular day with hardly a thought for the time they gave.

What ever your experience was in the service, I hope you feel appreciated today and everyday 
for your willingness to give. I am grateful for you, all of you.

on earth, please.


  1. Thank you for posting this Merrilee, I hope your veteran gets to dawn his sleeveless BDU top and have a few cold ones today.

  2. Your Daddy will be proud to read your tender words and know that he is remembered for his honorable service. This country has been good to us.

  3. Some may be here, some may be there (but most will be at Applebees get'n that free dinner). But seriously, Happy Veteran's Day to all. Maybe not is my designer BDU top, but you can be sure the Homebrew shall flow after work.


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