Thursday, November 3, 2011

Please take my card

Today I'm thinking about our Christmas card.
Yes, yes it is only the 3rd day in November, and Yes it does seem pretty kooky to be planning Christmas before we've even finished eating all our Halloween candy, but hey, it's who I am. Every year I hunt and search for the perfect Christmas card. Something that best represents our little family to all of our friends and loved ones. I am not alone in this and I know that many of you probably also spend hours on your holiday card. This year I am using Tiny Prints for my holiday cards. I love how their website makes it simple to narrow your search and to keep a list of your favorite designs. While I have not decided which will actually be the one I will share a few of my favorites...

My criteria for our card is as follows:
1. Must say Peace on it somewhere (Ya know, that's kinda my thing!)
2. It must be unique, I don't want it on Gramma's mantle with others that are the same!
3. Since we only put photos of the boys on it it must represent where they are in life,
 no stodgy card for my rowdy little ones!
4. It must be something frame-able, 
As I frame one every year and display them in consecutive order in our home
 I like this one because lot's of pictures means less stress over getting 1 perfect shot

This one has the whimsy I love and it would go well with a B&W photo

I love the saying on this one and I especially love the shape, I know a few grandparents who would love to hang this on their tree!

In the end I think that card will have to depend on the picture I will have of the boys. I am sorta procrastinating taking the boys holiday photos as someone here has their very first wiggly tooth and I am hoping to capture his toothless grin in this years brotherly photo.

Tiny prints has lots of gift options as well, like the always loved photo books which come in a large variety of sizes from 5x7 all the way up to 12x12

This year I am thinking of giving the boys each a small 5x7 book of them! It would be sweet to include some of their artwork, handwriting and their favorite photos of themselves

or I may make one of these photo canvases for my hubby, Since he already has a photo book!

Head on over to Tiny Prints to glance at just a few of their options and I'm sure you'll find a card, a photo book or a canvas that screams you! 

And for all my blogging friends you can go here to sign up to feature tiny prints and receive 50 free cards! I did this last year and had the cutest cards to show for it.

is having your Holiday card finished before thanksgiving!

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