Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's all for the chocolate

Anybody who knows me will attest to the fact that I LOVE HALLOWEEN! I always have, it's like Christmas with out all the guilt, just fun and junk food. A few weeks ago my husband taught me how to use a jigsaw and I have been a sign painting fool ever since. here are a few peeks at what is going on around here with our Halloween decorations.

I saw a sign with a similar saying on Etsy and just had to have one for myself, but with my own twist of course!

This is my version of a sign that was featured in Better Homes and Gardens Halloween edition. Strangely enough I'm not sure that a few of my neighbors understand that it is a Halloween decoration.

one of my Dollar Store crows, I love them

I'm planning on moving the picture frames I made to a different place in the house but here they sit, photo-less, for now

Jessie"s creepy POW memorial photo

My personal favorite, my thrift store chicken dressed up as batman

And I am planning on making some nice spooky pillow cases but for now I am really enjoying these ones I got on clearance at Target

There is so much more to come but I am currently having a very bad flare up with my guts and I'm lucky to get the boys fed and dressed before I wilt for the day.

Reese's Peace, mmmmm....reese's peanut butter cups.......

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