Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Sweeps

No, I'm not talking about new episodes of our favorite shows. This week I have been editing our lives. I have personally removed 2 trash bags of perfectly good clothing I never wear from my closet. I have been begging Jessie to build me a closet system and we both agree that we need to pair down all of our extraneous belongings before we can plan out what we really need for our custom closet. Most of the clothing I had in my closet did not even fit me, What is the point of keeping jeans that are 3-4 sizes too big? Am I hoping to get heavier again?! Along with our clothing I have been trying to rid our house of all the other junk we have accumulated throughout the year. With as little storage as we have in our house it really makes no sense to keep things we never use. So today I will be donating our used things so someone may love them and then I'll be sketching up my new closet.
Does anyone else feel the urge to purge every autumn or are you still holding onto 3/4 of your wardrobe form high school?

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  1. I have a recurring urge to purge extra items all the time! Our recent move was a perfect opportunity to finally get it done: I hauled van load after van load of things to the Goodwill and now that we're in a new house with half the stuff we used to have... it's awesome :)

    Have fun redesigning your closet!


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