Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Give a little

Most of what is done here around Lilliedale is figured out by yours truly, but almost all of it is built and installed by my wonderful husband. Yes, he a patient and generous man who without much resistance will do as he's told asked. In the last year he has helped me do countless projects including the massive and still pending kitchen revamp. My husband Jessie enjoys creating things for much less than you could buy them. He also enjoys having things that are a little more unique than what you could find at your local home improvement store. So after all his many days of coming home from work only to pick up his drill, paintbrush, sanderor pneumatic nailer I think he definitely deserves a little time for his own hobbies.

 So now he is brewing his own beer...

And I love it!

He has been making his own wine for many years but after receiving some hand-me-down brew equipment he decided to tackle beer crafting. So I am patiently pretending that I do not notice the 6 gallon glass carboys on my small kitchen counters. Or the entire corner of the garage that is now home to Co2 dispensers and his homemade keg-erator, R2DBrew.

 He loves me for how ambitious and creative I am and would never dream of stifling my flash in the pan projects. So tonight I will be cooking up some sausages, potatoes and kraut and declaring the first ever Cahill family Oktoberfest!

 Der Frieden mein freund!

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