Friday, October 8, 2010

whatta you think?

Well guess what I've done again. Yep, I painted.After moving the boys to their new room I realized how dingy and beat up the mural in their old room was. The Mural was painted for the twin boys of our friends who we bought the house from. When we first bought the house my friend begged me not to paint over the mural that she had commissioned someone to paint for her. Initially I agreed that it would be a shame to paint over someone else's hard work having done quite a bit of this kind of painting myself. but after nearly 6 years of being "loved" it was disgusting worn out. I guess I still feel a little guilty about all of it and that is why I am rationalizing it all to you here, bless your kind souls.
So anyhow I decided to paint it a beautiful grayish-bluish-green. I love it and now I need you opinion. I want to paint an entire wall of the room in my beloved chalkboard paint. This room will serve as a guest room/ woman cave and i think I'd like to have a wall of chalky possibilities behind my art desk. well lets just say that my husband adamantly disagrees with me, which kinda pisses me off. HE was okay with painting our kitchen cabinets green, using paper bags for our kitchen floor,  or putting copper counter tops in, he was okay with the white and tan strips in the hallway, he loved the black doors but apparently a chalkboard wall is too far. I don't get it. He says that it will make our house less appealing when we try to sell it, if we ever get to move back to Siskiyou county. What about the large horizontal stripes in the hall, and the black doors, and the very unconventional kitchen choices, and the black doors? If you are going to get wet you might as well go swimming and you might as well paint a chalkboard wall, right? I guess I would be okay with not painting it chalkboard black but I just think it would be so fun! here are a few photos that I'm inspired by

here are a few photos of the wall in question with a small sample of the black chalkboard paint next to the new wall color. what do you think? should I overrule the boss' orders?
see the tiny black square, that's the chalkboard paint

the wall with the butterfly is the proposed "black" wall

the room is definitely bright enough to support a black wall

pardon the junk! 

so what do you think, should I get to mixing up my chalkboard paint?

Peace give me your opinion...


  1. How hard is the chalkboard paint to paint over? I think it's is a great idea, and would look great, but I probably wouldn't do it if it is too difficult to get rid of. When my husband and I come to such crossroads, I remind of him of the "unconventional" ideas that he had difficulty catching my vision on, but loved after completed. Good luck! Keep us posted.

  2. Personally, I love chalkboard paint! I never got a chance to use it in our old house, but I think it's such a cute, innovative way to utilize a wall. It is unconventional for sure, but I don't necessarily think it would turn potential buyers off completely, seeing as how repainting a wall is easy-peasy, right?

    Hope you're able to convince your hubby! ;)

  3. Did you show Jesse those pictures? Maybe that will help. He also didn't like the idea of stripes at first but you did it anyways and look he loved it! Or learned to love it. I say do it, how often is ever going to go in there?
    Love Your Misbehaving Wife Friend,


  4. chalkboard paint is just flat sheened latex paint with some non-sanded tile grout added. It would be the same as painting over a regular black wall all it takes is lots of coats : ) thanks ladies, I think I'm gonna do it! We have a deal in our house, I do all the work and cleaning when painting and I get to do what ever I want to. I think I'll have to remind Jess of that rule.

  5. " Forgiveness is easier to get than permission" hehe


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