Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bad Mommy

Oh white slipcovered sofas I love you so! 
So much in fact, that I spent loads of money on a nice slipcover for my burgundy colored sofa about a year ago.

yep, I'd say about a year ago was when this lady lost it all together!

The lady with 2 little boys, a geologist (read: dirt covered) husband, 2 cats and a dog has a white sofa.
Pretty much only the lady is allowed to sit on the sofa now, even though she spills more than anyone else.
but oh, how lovely the untouchable white sofa looks amidst all the other "boy" junk in the house, or at least the lady thinks so!
But the lady's love, and the white slipcover could not stay untarnished forever. 

She herself was the one that splattered white paint on the white slipcover (which you'd think would not be all that visible but it was)!
One time when the lady washed the slipcover the little metal D rings that hold it snugly to the ugly sofa rusted in the wash and got rust all over the white slipcover. 
The lady was so sad to be stuck with the burgundy sofa again, but at least the lady could drink red wine on the sofa again, that was nice. 
So the lady took it back and got a new one, from another nice lady at target, for free! Just like that the lady and her white slipcover were back together, given another chance, and the lady was happy. This time, however, the lady had added a new love to the relationship. It was the lady, her white slipcover and Scotch-guard! 

For a while the lady felt badly about spraying chemicals on her furniture, chemicals that might be harmful to her children. Then she remembered that the children are not really allowed to be on the sofa anyways so they wouldn't be absorbing all those nasty chemicals. 
The lady was once again happily lounging on her white slipcovered sofa...sipping white wine, and feeling like a good mother for not exposing her children to those nasty chemicals!


  1. You, lady, receive major bravery points for having a white sofa, even *with* all your rules! ;)

  2. This lady, at my house, has white slip-covered couches too. And this lady gets mighty tired of people asking if she is crazy for having them with 4 kids, a dog and a cat. And this lady always reminds them that BLEACH is a beautiful thing. And the miracle of bleach will only work with white slip-covers! :)And with that little secret in our back pockets we ladies can love our white slip-covers!


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