Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Best Gal in the Business

These, my latest addition to what is becoming a very large terrarium collection were made for me by the best gal in the biz. Can you guess who she is...?
Okay I'll give you a hint, I am also blaming her for the rain/hail that is going on outside my window today.

Yep, these beauties were found for me in a junk heap deep in the redwoods.
I am just so happy that sweet man of mine saw these while doing his typical (kinda boring) Hydrologist thing at work and carried them all the way back just for me.

I mean really, old junk glass + stuff growing inside + free = happy dance!
I'll take these over a dozen roses anyday!

All I had to do was take a long  toothbrush and scrub the sides a little,
and then poke in a few agate and quartz pebbles of course!

So thanks Mother Nature, for the lovely gift. Nobody does it like you do!

Now I'm off to start baking, cooking and wrapping for a certain handsome boy's 6th birthday tomorrow.
6!I cannot believe it!
Soon he will be 26 I'm sure I will still be in awe of how quickly time passes.
Yesterday I asked him what he would like for his birthday dinner and he instantly replied "Cabbage!"
Really cabbage? 
I offered we go out for Teppanyaki, or as he calls it Ninja Chef's, but he wants cabbage and I'm not gonna argue with a birthday boy!

Mossy Green Peace!

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  1. Those are gorgeous! And how sweet that he saw them and knew you'd love them!


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