Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Cheap November

October was an expensive month for us, several big ticket purchases and a few road trips really start to add up when all done in one month. With the holidays looming just around the corner it looks like December will be kinda spendy too. So, Jess and I have agreed that we will make November our cheap month. Mostly this just means minding our budget a little with the idea that we will come out of it with a little more leeway for December.
 We truly are not big holiday consumers, we buy toys and junk for the kids but we always make gifts for each other and our friends and families.
For my Christmas decorations and such I am hoping to use what I have and up-cycle the rest. I'm feeling a very natural/rustic theme this year anyways. I have plies of acorns, pine cones and other things just waiting to be gilded and glitzed for ornaments.

So here's my plan:
 1. I have promised not to buy anything "NEW" for the month, only used. But obviously not in the way of necessities like food and T.P.
2. keep my food budget low, by making loads of soups, oh how I love soup season!
3. avoid shopping for Christmas until December when everything is on sale anyway
4. to enjoy the freebies of life like hikes in the woods and candle lit date nights at home

Speaking of cheap here is a very low cost/high reward tutorial for the book page wreaths that I so adore. Most of my Christmas decorations are inspired by this 1 simple technique. 
Plus Emily is a genius who has an amazing blog with loads of super fun/ cheap/easy tutorials so have fun poking around the rest of her blog too!

Peace don't burn yourself with the glue gun

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