Monday, November 1, 2010

How happy was your Halloween?

I hope everyone had a grand Halloween.
Ours was a little slow going but it all worked out in the end. 
On Friday we were supposed to have the boys 3rd annual Halloween bash, but then I got a touch of icky food poisoning, and it all went down the drain.I was much more disappointed than the boys were I am sure! But after missing a few shifts at work and sleeping for about 30 hours straight I was much better and at least able to take the boys trick or treating. 
Knowing how bummed I was, Jessie stepped in and made all the spooky dinners I had planned, carved pumpkins, did some ghoulish crafts with the boys and even had a silly string fight with them on the front lawn. So while I may have missed most of the Halloween fun,  at least my boys did not, and that's what really matters!

At our home even the photos get into the spirit

I guess I was sick for longer than I thought the spider webs got really out of control

See the house mouse?

Mason waiting "patiently" to go trick or treating

Ironman explaining how to trick or treat to Masie

I made mason a costume to look like his baby. It is his best friend who has to go everywhere with him

I went as the Webster's Diction-fairy

with a glue gun and an old worn out dictionary from the thrift store I made a wand, hair barrette, top and tutu! I used the book cover as wings, it was the funnest and cheapest costume I've ever made .

Here we are lighting our pumpkins before heading out

Remember that book page wreath I posted a few weeks ago? well, that is where I got my inspiration for this. I'll post a few links to some really great tutorials soon.

Peace and candy crazed kiddos!


  1. I love how much fun you made the day (and month) for your kids! And your costume was just fabulous!

  2. Oh my goodness ... what an AMAZING costume! I love it. I think I should have a book page tutu too.

  3. You have the most creative ideas!! Next year I am coming up and you can make my costume as well! Love you!

  4. Holy cow! Your costume was so cute, very creative.


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