Friday, November 5, 2010

Pottery barn can bite my DIY

Okay so We, erm...I have wanted some shelves for our living room wall for a while now. I am a bit manic when it comes to decorating and I need wall art that is easily changeable without punching dozens of holes into my vintage plaster walls. I had been eyeing these at Pottery Barn for a while...

Aren't they cute, and a steal at $330 for 2! HA!

Then one day while looking at Ana White's fantastic site I saw she had hacked the exact shelves I was thinking about. the best part is that I could build them to the size I wanted and customize them to the depth I needed.
About $40 and a busy husband later I had these!

Aren't they marvelous?! I love them!!!!
I'm still adjusting my trinkets so bear with me

Just look how fancy my junk looks. 
Those sweet little oval frames will soon hold silhouettes of the boys that I am making

And I had to make a few book page birdies to go with my wreath

behold the wreath, I'm just a little obsessed, I know : )

Now I can switch my junk out when ever I feel like it, which is often, just ask my husband.

Isn't that plate amazing? I'm keeping an eye on Ebay to see if I can find an entire set, but it is an antique, we'll see.

All I have to say is that I'll take a man that can build me something pretty over a rich man anyday!
If you want to get to know Ana and her Beautiful FREE furniture plans click HERE

Now it's back to sewing machine, I'll explain tomorrow...

Peace and pretty junk!

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  1. Oh, I die! Very, very awesome, Merrilee! You're just as inspirational to me as all my favorite craft blogs :D


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