Monday, November 29, 2010

oh, how I love the crisp yet sunny winter mornings.There is about an inch of frost on the ground this morning and the sun is glowing through the gold and yellow leaves on the trees. Today I am setting up a borrowed artificial tree for the sale. It seems kinds silly to set an entire tree for just 1 evening but that is what I am doing, crazy or not. All of my house has been overrun with "Projects" and I love it. The typical backbiting indecision is beginning to take hold of me, already I am feeling like nobody will buy anything. Initially a friend was going to do the sale with me but she backed out due to lack of time. While I certainly understand her reasoning now I feel as though I need to have a lot more stuff! It seems like a lot of people are interested and I hope to have a decent turn out. Despite my best efforts to doubt myself I know there are at least a few people who are very excited, myself included. I will I'll be back later to post a few of my projects and to show you a few things.

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