Sunday, November 7, 2010

getting started

 Before I head off to work the brunch shift this morning I thought I'd give you a preview of my Christmas collection I started this week. IF all goes smoothly, I will be hosting a holiday open house the first week of December. I have invited a few other artists and am excited to see if I can not only create but also gainfully sell my wares.

Here a torn sweater has been upcycled into several shabby chic stockings

Complete with handmade silk flowers

 and vintage buttons

For now I'm off to wait on impatient diners but I'll show you my additional creations in a few days.

Peace be nice to your waitress, she'd rather be home sewing!


  1. Cute, cute, cute! Would have bought them from you a few years ago, before I made some. I really like these, though!

  2. Thanks Tina, Secretly I think I'm hoping these don't sell in the boutique so I can keep them. The boys won't mind if Santa fills a pink and white frilly stocking for them right?


A kind word always brightens my day!

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