Thursday, December 9, 2010

*Almost* mess free glitter balls

On the first day of ornament tutorials your bloggie friend gave to you...

Glitter Ball Ornaments:

Okay so it is *almost* mess free because all the glitter is inside the ball, however be prepared to make quite a mess while making them. This is certainly not a new idea but it makes such beautiful ornaments and it's so easy I just had to share a tutorial with you.

Here is the cast, glass ball ornaments, Martha Stewart glitter and extra hold hairspray. Aqua net is the best for this job but I'm a use what you have kinda gal.

remove the top from the ornament and grab your hairspray

Hole the nozzle of the spray can into the hole and rotate ball as you spray

all sprayed up and ready for glitterizing!

Dump about a tablespoon of glitter into ball, you can tap out and save excess glitter so don't skimp

Hold your thumb over the hole and shake the ball like a crazy lady until the entire inside is coated and BEAUTIFUL!

Leave the tops off the balls until the hairspray is dry, 
I leave mine overnight just to be sure.

replace the little metal top and enjoy! I like to hot glue the top on to avoid any glitter escaping in the years to come. I also like to take a little bronze paint and coat the aluminum top to make the ornament look a little vintage and much classier! 

These ornaments hold up very well and they are a nice compromise for anti-glitter spouses.

Peace don't be mad that there is glitter in your food honey!

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