Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Letter's to Santa

This is the first year that his letter to Santa was done all by himself. He even wrote for Masie too, what a nice brother.

 I tried to talk him into making small talk in his letter. Maybe ask how Mrs. Claus is doing or mention the reindeer, but no, he was all business.
But he did draw a picture of his house all decorated for Christmas on the back of his letter

All ready to pop into the mail
He even watched to make sure the mailman would get it out of the mailbox.

I'll be sad when these days end!

We are at Nono & Gramma's house busily exploring in the snow with the dogs, drinking cocoa, rearranging the ornaments on gramma's tree and helping Nono plow snow on his quad.


Merry Almost Christmas!

Peace and snowflakes!

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