Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to town...

We live in the North-West, which means we have a lot of very gray and very rainy days. I have learned to adjust to our weather and enjoy the sunshine when it comes around but my kids are still learning. Most days when the sun is shining we practically shove the boys out the door. "go play in the yard while it's nice out," I exclaim as I hand them each a pb&j and close the door. Unfortunately this time of year it only stops raining about 1 day a week which leaves them cooped up for the other 6 days. I mean really, you can only bundle them up and make them play in the rain so much before your neighbor calls CPS.
So I made a deal with Santa and this is what he's bringing 2 very special little boys this Christmas

An xbox 360 and Kinect 
which is the gaming console that uses infared cameras to track your body movements so the user is the controller. We played on a friends and Orion had a blast dancing, bowling, rafting...etc

Believe me I know this is a really lavish gift for a 5 year old but really it's more of a family gift. Plus this will give the boys a way to burn off energy when it's too yuckie outside to go play.
But there's a catch...

Santa is also including tokens that can only be earned by doing chores, good behavior, and helping out around the house. Each token will be good for either 5 or 10 minutes of game play so the boys may redeem however many tokens they have and play for that amount of time.
We have had this chore chart for some time and I have always had a difficult time coming up with worthwhile rewards for the boys

So I think I'll use this to keep track of tokens earned for each week.

I can't wait for Christmas morning, I think I'm just as excited to play this as the boys will be, only 9 days left!
Thank you Santa, you're too good to us!

Peace let mommy have a turn


  1. I am sure the whole family will enjoy the great gift from Santa. You must have been good this year!


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