Wednesday, December 15, 2010

{Day 4} Snuggle Monsters

This year the boys seem to be very enamored with their stuffed friends. Mason, of course, has Baby, and Orion seems to have a new favorite snuggle partner everyday. So I thought I'd try to make them each a stuffed creature for Christmas. Then the other day while watching them squabble over the my heating pad I had a brilliant idea. I would make them stuffed creatures that were filled with rice so they could microwave them and have a warm and snuggly friend to take to bed each night. Now I am planning on making them for all the little munchkins in my life. Here's how I did it

1- Cut 2 large rectangles, 4 medium rectangles, and 4 long medium rectangles the long ones will be your legs, the shorter ones will be the arms and the 2 large ones will be the body. You can make a round monster or whatever you like, I'm going with this shape for ease of production.

2- Sew the leg and arm pieces together leaving 1 end open, turn them right sides out. This is easily done with a smooth chop stick or dowel.
3- Fill the arms and legs with rice and sew the open end shut. Pin the appendages in-between the 2 (right sides together rectangles) where you want them to be. ie, arms in arm like places and legs in a leggish sort of place. sew the entire creature together leaving an opening so you can turn it right sides out. I like to round my corners but do as you wish it is a monster and therefore may have any form.

all sewn up and half way turned out!

Turned right sides out and ready to be filled with rice and sewn shut

see finished snuggly monster, well I guess he is faceless but he's mostly finished

The monster may be microwaved for 1-2 minutes and should stay warm for at least an hour or so afterward. So today I am waist deep in flannel and rice making these little monsters for all of my little monsters.

Peace is a warm monster!

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