Wednesday, January 19, 2011

another glamorous day

It's all high heels and manicures around here today...just kidding! As I mentioned a few weeks ago we are not only trying to get our house in market ready shape but we also aspire to live a more organized life in general. It's been a rough few weeks around here, forcing myself to take care of the projects that are...well, not at all fun. 

This week we have drywalled and taped the garage and still have to paint it and add our wall of mega shelves, hopefully we will have that all finished by Sunday. I have also spent my week focused on our kitchen. Now that all of our actual renovation is complete in there, it is time to clean and re organize. Sure the outside of the cabinets look nice and tidy, until you open a door and see the wreckage of food and cooking utensils that have amassed in them over a year of renovations.
Holy filthy cabinet, Batman!

Plus I've been wanting to unpack my xmas gift from my very thoughtful mother-in-law, but needed to sit and go through all of my old pots and pans to see how much of it I can donate, which turned out to be almost all of them.
Thanks Jana!

So I started pulling everything out, deciding what to donate as I went

Then I cleaned and painted the insides of the cabinets a nice fresh white

I already felt much better, as long as I didn't turn around and see the mess around me!

Just look at the unnecessary junk I keep in my tiny kitchen. Those are bonsai pots on the floor! while I was cleaning I found a SAW in my cabinet (never mind how long I've been looking for that saw) how dangerous is   it to have a saw in a cabinet we reach into without looking!

Then I put everything back.Actually it is quite nice looking stuff when it's arranged in a clean cabinet

Oh, Ice cream maker, you're my only friend, and now that I have located you near the front I'll be more apt to put you to use!

Meanwhile in the garage... that's 60 year old drywall the builders hung. It was already on 2 walls but no one ever got around to taping or painting it...until we came along. We are finishing the pre-existing drywall and adding the rest. Drywalling is a lot easier than I thought

I can't wait to show you the finished garage, although I've been told I'll still never be able to park in it. We will hopefully be moving our washer and dryer out of our kitchen and into the garage next week. I know it's very European to have your laundry in the kitchen but I have never thought  much of it.

So there it is, in all it's luxuriousness! It may not be a glamorous week here at Casa de Cahill but at least it's a productive one.

Don't forget that we will be showering the always wonderful Lenae and her soon to be sweetness here at Lilliedale this weekend, I hope you can all stop by!

Peace and painted knuckles!

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