Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lenae's Blogged Baby shower {Day Three}

Hello again, and once again thank you to everyone for participating in the game yesterday. If you are just joining us you can still hop back a few posts and add your entry for silliest mad lib. I have to say that all the entries so far have been a crack up to read, and to H-mama it is very kind of you to only guess 1 square! : )

Now it is time for the gifts, and Cake!
If you have read much of the rest of my blog you have probably noticed I sorta am obsessed with love baking! Let me just tell you, if there was anyway I could have safely mailed every one of you a big honkin' slice of cake, I would have!

But at least Lenae, her boys, and Ms.Quinn all got to have some!

Now on to the gifts!
Lenae was so kind to send me pictures of the beautiful gifts from everyone

nobody beats a blankie made by a gramma!

this tutu is too cute!

I think it's safe to say Emily is our farthest guest!

Love the face Lenae!
"And now a word from our guest of honor" 
*said in my best announcer voice, which is still pretty poor*

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the sweet gifts!  I love each and every one!" -Lenae

I too would like to thank everyone for dropping by my little ol' blog for the past few days. I hope you all stop back by again sometime! It seems to me that Lenae and her family are loved by many people, and Quinn is a lucky girl to be coming into such a fantastic family. I know we will get to see lots of her and her big brothers in Lenae's blog very soon.
Now for the winners!

First of all, all of the mad libs were hilarious! So funny in fact that I couldn't decide, so I left it up to Lenae to pick her favorite, and she said...
" I think Lucy the Valiant should win the Mad Lib challenge, considering that even my hubby was laughing out loud while reading hers :)"

Secondly, I hope you all enjoyed wrapping yourselves in T.P., I know I did! All of you were so kind and really pretty close in your guesses. According to Lenae, she is 12 squares around which means that we have 2 winners!
 Katie @Bliss and That and Ginger
And since you were very close at guessing 12 &1/2 squares we are going to say that Valerie is also a winner!

If all four of you would be so kind to email me you address, I'll pop your prizes in the mail right away! Which may or may not be my very favorite chocolaty treat...*hint, hint*

I hope you all have a beautiful day!

Lenae I know we will all be sending you peaceful happy thoughts for the coming weeks, good luck sweetie!

Peace of cake!


  1. Those girly gifts are adorable!! And mmmm....carrot cake :) Thanks for throwing a fun shower!

  2. I love all the handmade clothes, and the tutus! Adorable! Thank you for hosting such a fun time!

  3. Yay! Thanks for throwing a shower for our lovely Lenae!!

  4. You are SO sweet to have thrown this shower for Lenae! I mean, really, really. And I agree. Lucy the Valiant had a rip-snorting funny mad lib. I read hers last night and choked while laughing.

  5. What fun this was!! Thanks sooo much! :) You're too sweet a friend. Maybe I should measure myself with tp more often for prizes... :)


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