Thursday, January 27, 2011

Let's Roll

"Hi, my name is Merrilee and I'm addicted to rich full bodied colors." I say standing in the company of others with paint on their knuckles and splatter in their hair.
"Hi Merrilee!" says the rest of the group from their circle of chairs...

This is the scene that plays out in my head every time I'm driving home form the hardware store with the newest member of my color collection and it's complementary shiny can opener with ACE emblazoned on it's handle. There must be at least 50 of those can openers in my junk drawer, and in my paint supplies box, and in the center console of my car and for some reason on my bedside table.
Soon, I think every surface in my home will have a happily applied coat of paint on it. If it wasn't just wrong to paint my cats I think I'd make one a nice shade of periwinkle and the other a deep chartreuse.
 In all honesty I really enjoy painting, which I guess is why I am at the moment writing to you from a freshly painted bedroom.
I think paint is one of the fastest and cheapest way to completely change a space. My room which was a bright yet dusty pink has now turned the color of nicely weathered driftwood. Before you judge my previously pink room I'd like a chance to justify. The bedroom was the first room I painted after we bought our home, and after years of renting white walls I was ecstatic with all my color options. I could, in theory, paint my room what ever color I wanted,so I went with bright pink, and I loved it. I still love it, but as far as putting our home on the market goes a pink bedroom can put people off, allegedly. Since I'm alway up for a day of prepping, taping, priming, and painting I figured it was high time I chose a more subdued color for our room.

Please pay no attention to the hideous plastic blinds, or the pile of junk

At least no one can say that I'm afraid of color :) 

Embarrassing color choices aside, I  am very happy with the new color and I cannot wait to show all of you.
Surely I cannot be the only one with whom has gone wild with possibility and painted something a bright happy color, right? Tell me all about to ease my shame, please : )

I will be back tomorrow with the first day of festivities for Lenae's blogged baby shower!
Hope to have all of you stop by for a visit.

Pinkalicious Peace!

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  1. I actually really love the pink! I can't say my husband would though :)


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