Monday, January 3, 2011

Junk swap

Do you have items that you hold on to because you know that something really fun and beautiful could be made out of it. I have an entire pile of treasures just waiting to be upcycled into something great. Over the years I have turned a lot of landfill-bound junk into one of a kind pieces for myself and friends. Everyone loves to say that they made some incredible piece themselves out of mere junk and creativity. So here's your chance...

I think we should have a junk swap! Now if we all lived near each other I'd have all of you over for a swap party and we'd eat cupcakes, swap junk and have a grand time. Of course that's not gonna happen, so here's how I think we should do it instead.
1- Rummage through your "someday I'll do something neat with this" pile and pull out a few things you don't mind giving up.
2- I will pick someone who is also participating and send you their address, then you can mail your (hopefully not that heavy) junk package to them.
3- With all the junk distributed we can all begin turning someone else's stuff into something great. This is the fun part and I am so excited to see what people come up with. It always amazes me how differently people can look at the same item and use their own creativity to transform it.
4- We all post photos of our one of a kind fantablous pieces and show off what we have done with it in our own homes.

So what do you think?  Is anyone interested in joining in on the fun? This will be open to not just to my blog followers but anyone else willing to potentially mail their junk across the country and make a few new friends.

wine bottle lamps

bottle cap lamp shade
for some more amazing inspiration go here

Peace and packing peanuts!

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  1. Oh, this is such a great idea! Most of our stuff is still packed in our garage... I'll try to rummage through and see if I can find some goodies so I can participate!


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