Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lenae's Blogged Baby shower {Day Two}

Welcome Back!
Thank you to everyone that participated yesterday, and if you didn't get a chance you still have until tomorrow to add your mad lib to the link party.
 Today I thought it would be fun to have Lenae answer a few questions.  This is always my favorite part of baby showers, well that and that delicious lime sherbet punch that is always at baby showers. Oh look I whipped up a batch just for you...
So scoop yourself a cup and settle in, be sure to get a chunk of sherbet, it's the best part!

> 1. How did you decide on Quinn's name?
I'm pretty sure we saw it on a baby name list online, and we liked it right away.  To us it's unique, classic, strong, and feminine all at the same time.

> 2. What are you most eagerly anticipating about having a girl?
I'm excited to do this motherhood thing and be able to impart to a little girl some of my thoughts on femininity and how it relates to life.  It'll be interesting having a "mini-me" :)

> 3. What things are Ben and the boys anticipating about having another girl in the house?
Ben is already strategizing how to hide her from the male population outside our family.  The boys are simply excited to see another baby! 

> 4. what do you like the most about pregnancy?
Feeling the baby move and kick has always been the most magical part for me.

> 5. what do you like the least about pregnancy?
Sciatic nerve pain!  Ouch.  And my first trimester morning sickness is pretty brutal.

> 6. What does Ben like the most about your pregnancies?
He's really enjoyed being present at the ultrasounds.  Seeing the baby makes it a lot more real for him.

> 7. What does Ben least enjoy about your pregnancies?
Certainly not all my whining :) 

> 8. How is this Pregnancy different from the others, besides the fact
 that you are doing it while chasing 3 boys?
So far my tummy has been much smaller than it was with the boys.  And -obviously- I'll have spent half of this pregnancy in Washington, D.C. while all my others were in Georgia.

> 9. What day do you think she will be born on?
No idea why we think this -because all our boys were born the week of their due dates- but we're predicting she's a day or two late!  I'll say the 26th.

> 10. Just an extra interesting fact from me (Lenae):
I think it's neat that Quinn will be born at a Naval Hospital (the National Naval Medical Center) because I was also born in one -- the Oakland Naval Hospital.  (My dad was an active-duty Marine at the time.) :)
Thanks for sharing Lenae! 

Now, who's ready for another game? I want to know just how small that belly is...

Belly Guess Game

I am sure everyone has played this game at least once but since we are doing it online I'll explain how we are going to play.

1. Go to your bathroom and get a roll of toilet paper. 

2. Roll out a strip of squares you think is the same circumference as Lenae's belly. Remember to leave the T.P. in one long ribbon and not to rip the squares individually.

3. Count the squares and leave your guess in the comment area below. 

If you are like me you will have to tell your husband/partner/roommate/relative exactly what you are doing, at which point they will roll their eyes and walk away, like mine did. But that's okay it is a pretty good laugh.

See you tomorrow for the last day of festivities!
I will be announcing the winners of the games tomorrow so be sure to check back to see if it's you

Punch recipe and photo from here

Peace have another cup of  sherbet punch!


  1. Oh?! I get to go first? Okay. Hmmmm.... Lenae's belly is.... 15 squares. Because fifteen in spanish is quince, and that reminds me of Quinn.


  2. I guess 12. And sheesh, I felt kind of silly doing this to myself in the bathroom trying to figure... At least nobody caught me! :-))

    Loved the Q & A! So sweet...

  3. *Sigh* I love sherbet punch :) I might have to run to the grocery store...

  4. okay the picture of you two in the snow is ADORABLE.

  5. I'm going to guess 14 squares, but I'm really terrible at this game. So if I'm way off Lenae, let me say I'm sorry in advace.

  6. I am going to say 10 squares, especially because you were allowed to get on a plane in your third trimester without anyone tackling you ;) Love the Q&A as well, I know what you mean about the sciatic nerve-yowza!

  7. Well shoot -- I just held up a strip and counted and now I feel silly for saying 15 when everyone else is guessing lower!

    Can I have a re-try? No? Sigh.

    You can find me at the punch bowl. :)

  8. Im going to guess 13. just because its such a lucky number.

  9. Can I just do the Price is Right version and say... 1? ;) So sweet of you to do this for Lenae. I'm lovin' the name Quinn. Beautiful.

  10. I say 12 squares. :-)


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