Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting ready to sell

I love our home, I really do, but this is not where we want to live forever. We dream of moving back to Siskiyou county and living on the river again. We dream of gardening in the blistering summer heat and shoveling our driveway while cussing under our breath in the winter. The coast is a strange place to live, especially when you grew up in a place with seasons. Here there are 2 seasons, the rainy season, and the foggy season. we have been here for just over 5 years now and it still does not feel like home. Granted, it is an amazingly beautiful place to live, but it will just never feel like home. We hope to move nearer to one of our families, and we hope to do it soon.
That is why we are getting our house is a better condition to sell, if the chance ever arises. Since we have moved in we have made many improvements, but we have done so at a leisurely pace. Often we don't quite finish a project. So now it's high time we do. Now that our kitchen remodel is nearly finished we are turning our focus to the other unsightly ares of our home. The door that goes to nowhere, our tiny yet frightening master bath, the half painted doors...all of this is on the TO-DO list. Some of these chores really aren't fun. Like painting the ceilings, ugh, I can't wait to do that!

A few months ago I painted all of our interior doors black, and I loved it!  The problem is that I only painted 1 side of them black because on the inside of the door black would not "go" with the rest of the room. While I may not mind a half black/half white door it might put off future buyers of our home. So I sucked it up and painted all over again. this time I painted both sides of each door a nice warm white. and you know what...I love that too! It definitely gives our home a lighter, beach-ier feel that I am enjoying in the middle of our dark rainy winter.

 The white doors do give my striped hallway a fresher look than the black did!

Now I just have to quit procrastinating and take down my christmas tree. Or maybe I'll just add some pink to it and call it a valentine tree, hmm...

Peace and paint drips!

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  1. Sounds like us and living in Washington. I'm not sure if this place will ever feel like home, but it's a lot better than the alternative. Keep chugging a long at it, you guys will be swimming at Shiloa before you know it


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