Thursday, March 17, 2011

Everything's coming up clovers

We had our Irish style feast last night...because...Jess and I are going out tonight! I'm pretty excited, neither of us has ever been "out" for St. Patty's, so this should be a fun date night for us.
I figured the boys would enjoy the corned beef but Orion's favorite was the cabbage. Then he declared that he couldn't actually decide which part of the meal was his favorite and that he loved it all. He had seconds. then he had thirds! Not that he is usually picky, but he is 5 which means that nothing but a bowl of candy is ever that voraciously gobbled up. He asked if he could take it today for lunch, seriously.

My dresser is coming along well and I am also working on a thrift store lamp for the boys room. I would love to put a few more pictures up but the sky has been almost black the entire week which means yucky photos.

believe me it's gonna look a lot better than this...I hope!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy day!

Let Peace be your Pot of Gold

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