Monday, March 7, 2011

What I really needed

First of all I'd thank to thank you all for visiting me this weekend. 
My page has had more hits in the last day than ever. It was a terrible day at work yesterday and all of you really lifted my spirits when I got home. Yesterday a 21 month old baby boy drowned in the bay across from the restaurant I work at. The baby's father claimed he had been kidnapped and the coast guard, police, volunteers and many other spent several hours searching or him. 
Having 2 sweet kids of my own, I was sick to my stomach all day wondering who would do such a  heinous thing. I felt even sicker when I learned that the father had left the baby strapped into his stroller along with a few other small children alone on the dock. He had left to get high. Apparently he had lied about the abduction and allowed all those people to spend most of there day searching in vain for the boy, when he knew where he was the whole time. It's fair to say that the moms, dads and nannies I work with all had a good cry with me : (

Once again I'd like to thank all of you for brightening my day, I was pretty upset, and I really needed it.
I'll be back later with a fun new project, or maybe I'll just spend the day snuggling with my babes!

Peace little angel


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  1. That was on our news here in Lake County too. The poor darling baby. I am so sorry you had to be so close to such a monstrous deed and despicable lie. To get high?? God help us.


A kind word always brightens my day!

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