Friday, March 25, 2011

The Ma'am Cave revealed!

The lighting is, well, not great but I just can't stand to wait another moment before I show you my crafty space. Maybe tomorrow I will show the "guest room" part of the space

It's a long one so get ready for a gazillion photos of my new room!

My Ma'am cave is a collage of everything that inspires me and makes me happy.
After all isn't that the point?
Like most of my rooms, there is no real theme, it's more 1 part Alice in wonderland, 1 part shabby chic, and 3 parts re-purposed thrift store Junque! 

The lady glowing from the corner is June. Because I think that when you take a dress form, cover it in white fabric and put a light up it's skirt that it looks a lot like June Cleaver. 
The shelves have jars and canisters with thread, buttons, glitter and other supplies.

Everything is neat, organized and easily accessible. 

Desk junk just looks so much better when it is in pretty containers and corralled onto a rusty tray

The desk was built by my darling husband which you can read more about here.
 The shelves under my desk house new canvases, burlap, twine, my favorite books, and my keepsake boxes.

The mushrooms are left over from the original mural that came with this house when this was a nursery which you can read all about here and there. When I painted the chalkboard wall is simply painted around them,  I just loved them so much!

The dresser holds more of my supplies like paints, paper, tools and the like.
The white frames were all thrifted or ones that I had on hand that I simply spray painted white and distressed. I'm am patiently awaiting the arrival of some other art so for now much of this is stand in stuff.

Here's a closer look at the homemade pin board above my desk. I hot glued some batting onto a piece of cardboard cut to fit a large thrift store frame then I covered it in my favorite fabric. A few left over curtain clips and the some special mementos give me something pretty and useful, much better than cork board.

The suspicious looking things inside the top frame are part of a jewelry collection based on kaleidoscopes I made a few years ago. The piece in the smaller frame is a driftwood and diamond cocktail ring. I like to keep these close to me not only because I love to look at them but it also inspires me to get back into metalsmithing.

It's a small room but it has a lot of love and hopefully a lot of beautiful creations packed into it. I hope you come back to see the other half of the tour soon!

Peace and chalky hands!
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  1. I just love your Ma'am cave! Thank you for not waiting to share. Can't wait to see part two!

  2. I love the idea of a Ma'am cave! I need a ma'am cave!! Very cute. Found it at Tatertots and Jello.

  3. i love the contrast of the white shelves & accessories up against the black chalkboard paint. it looks awesome.

    great place to create.


  4. Your ma'am cave looks like a fun & creative place to be. I love the chalkboard wall and framed objects!

  5. Ooh la la, Merilee that wall is to die for! I love the artsy work on the upper left! I would love to have you share this at my VIP party today =)

  6. I love your new space, the color scheme is gorgeous. I didn't realize that you were a metalworker, that's pretty awesome.

    Have fun getting inspired in your ma'am cave. Great name, btw.

  7. Such a nice and inspiring space! I would have kept the little mushrooms too!

  8. LOVE IT! I did a fun thing with a whole wall of chalk board paint too! Love to have you stop by!

  9. I have a fixation with chalkboard walls & I have one myself. I love the doodling up in the corner! Might have to copy--I mean--do something similar! :D
    Warmly, Michelle

  10. we have some huge similarities! I have that same vintage thrifted frame! what a small small world! it looks great and cozy!!

  11. Hi! I'm in the middle of creating a craft/workroom and am looking for some inspiration. I'm currently hosting a link party and would love for you to link up! I'll be featuring anyone I get inspiraion from!

  12. Thanks so much for linking up! ;)

  13. I am in the middle of working on my craft space. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Your space is wonderful. TFS Cathie

  14. I love love love the wall!!! THis is exactly what I'm in the process of doing in my 8 year old's bedroom!


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