Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Late nights

Currently I am writing to you from my very own space! My fantastic (or at least I think so) brand spankin' new creative space! everything is organized, Diana Krall is quietly singing to me, everyone else is all tucked in and my greek yogurt has never tasted better! Seriously, the only thing that could make this better would be if I had 30 Rock re-runs playing in the background!

I can't quite show you yet, but I am just so excited that I have to share a little something, right?
a little peek of my desk, of course there's a succulent on it!

And a pretty little peek of June, you'll meet her soon I promise!

I cannot even begin to explain how inspired I am just by going through all my stuff and organizing it. I had sorta forgotten that I am actually a  jeweler and a painter! I came across so many sketches and ideas for pieces I never got around to. Hopefully this year will bring me back to a few of my true loves.

Well I better run, it will be a long day tomorrow working in Orion's kindergarten class and finishing up my space. Plus I have to get around to the rest of the house which I may or may not have completely ignored so far all week...

Peace, no boys allowed!

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