Thursday, March 3, 2011

Green Spring Fever

Recently I have become obsessed very interested in terrariums and containment gardening. Here's what I've been working on this week and I have so much more to show very soon!

Easy Moss Terrariums

I chose to make my mini-gardens in these inexpensive glass canisters I bought years ago at Michael's but any container with a lid works just fine.

Here in the north west moss is abundant but you can also order it online or find it at your garden shop.
I pulled mine off my front steps and washed it out in my kitchen sink, for free!

To make the terrariums you simply start by placing small stones or gravel in the bottom of your clean, dry container. 
Then you sprinkle the stones with a bit of activated charcoal to keep the whole thing fresh. You can do with out the charcoal if you remember to remove the lid once a week or so to allow the container to "air" out. Basically the charcoal just keeps the closed environment fresh.
Next you sprinkle a small amount of potting soil over the stones, the amount of soil you add depends on how full you want the container to be. In my small containers I only added a few tablespoons of soil just to give the moss some nutrients and something to hold on to.
Last you add your moss. Sometimes I like to make them look like little green hills and other times I like to just rip up the moss into chunks and toss it in for a more natural look like the picture above.
If you want to add rocks, driftwood or other elements just place them in and then add the moss around it.

altogether this project cost me Nothing! I had the containers on hand and all stones and moss came straight out of my yard.
I have made several of these and I like to place them all over the house for fuss free greenery.
They also look beautiful in groups as a centerpiece, and make great gifts.
My son likes to imagine them as magical little fairy lands, you could even replace the rocks with little ceramic mushrooms or animals.

I'll be back soon to show you the next level of my obsession newest hobby!

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Peaceful Greens!


  1. I was looking for ideas on how to make terrariums last week and couldn't find anything that clicked - but here you are. I like your new obsession except for the fact that it might become mine too.
    Thanks for the directions and I look forward to seeing more!
    Found you on tater tots and jello!

  2. So pretty! I think I am off to make fairy gardens in wee bottles this weekend... I may have to dig the moss out of the snow though... hmmm...

  3. Great idea! I collect apothocary jars and this would be a great use for them when they are "retired" and not in use. My boys would love setting up their own terrariumGlad I followed the Saturday Nite Special blog party on over here! Pop on by and say hi :!

  4. Oh I love terriums! They look great!

  5. Love the cool green of the moss. I made a few terrariums last spring, and once the moss browned out, as it will, I placed Dollar Store moss rocks in there instead for the interim. I still love the way they look! Good job on yours.

  6. Thank You! I've seen these everywhere and I have some moss in the backyard! I think I'll head to goodwill tomorrow for some glass containers!


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