Saturday, March 19, 2011

I {heart} Saturdays

Saturdays are everyones favorite, right?

Around here Saturdays are all about:
~ snuggling in bed with my beautiful hubby as the boys eat bananas and watch cartoons in the living room.
~ Saturday Family breakfast, a tradition we started just before mason was born, where each Saturday someone gets to choose what we have for breakfast. Mason usually picks fruit and bacon. Orion likes pancakes, crepes, cinnamon rolls or other sweets. I usually opt for huevos rancheros and jess almost always chooses his absolute fav poached eggs and toast.This week is my week and we are having homemade corned beef hash and eggs, of course! speaking of I should get working on that!
~ We try to alternate between spending our Saturdays doing projects and taking mini family trips.It seems like we do projects for most of the winter months and more trips in the warmer weather. This week jess is working on my new desk, which I am super excited about!
Soon to be assembled desk appendages!

~ Because I'm home all week and Saturdays are my only day with my hubby I pretty much refuse to clean on the weekend, but since the little ones think of cleaning as a pastime sometimes they spend their mornings doing this:
thanks Piggy!

~ Usually when Mason goes down for his nap, I take one too! I loooove napping! The only bad part about Saturday is that I head out to work at the restaurant at 4. Given my health issues I fatigue pretty quickly, so the only way I can take a long night of waiting tables and faking nice is to take a nap before I go.
~ Then I head to work. I love my job! I work at a small family owned restaurant in Eureka. I spend my night eating delicious food and hanging out with my co workers who also happen to be some of my closest friends. It's like a girls night I get paid for. Mostly I work to get out of the house, the money is nice, but I think it's really all about having my own thing. Although I have to say that serving people and taking care of small children is pretty much the same! : )

And that is why I love Saturdays in my simple little life! What's your favorite day of the week?

Peace be nicer to your waiters, they are people too!

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  1. I really relate to this post. Saturdays are my favorite too! we always go out to eat, and just hang out with family or friends!
    I love your blog. the picture in your side bar of the book fairy is great. is there more information about that, or another link?
    thanks so much!


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