Thursday, March 24, 2011

My happy lamp

Isn't she wonderful? Here is my cake carrier I was asking you about the other day. even though it's a yucky gloomy day outside, I have a shiny little spot of happiness right here! I cannot believe how exactly the yellow spray paint (I had on hand!) matches the top and inside of my cake carrier! The Mr. thought it was gonna be a flop but even he admits that it came out pretty neat. 

And now for something completely different...

After posting my very favorite new stripey dresser I have had a few people ask exactly how to stripe a dresser. Since I was planning on doing a few matching art pieces for above the bed I figured I'd do a tutorial.

First you sand, clean and prime your piece. What ever color you prime with will show through a little when you distress the edges so prime with a contrasting color

After applying several coats of light blue paint mark off your stripes in pencil.
I find it works best to findand mark the center of your board and then measure out from there.
On my dresser I did 4" stripes but on these small boards I did 2" stripes

 Carefully tape your lines, tape just off the side of your pencil line that way you paint over the pencil leaving you nothing to have to go back and erase.

apply a few coats of white paint

Once the white paint is just dry remove the tape

 I like to lightly sand the entire piece smooth, then I go back and distress all the areas that would naturally distress with age like the the edges and all the raised areas
My panels have no raised areas but here is an example of the raised areas on the dresser.

So there is is let me know if you have any questions. 
Sorry it took me all week to get this up. My husbands darling Nana passed away this week so everything is a little behind. She was greatly loved and will be dearly missed...


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