Monday, March 7, 2011

I love champagne!

A few weeks ago I saw this over at Quick Fix mama
I had to make them mine!
I wanted to use twine instead of wire.
If you like her version better you can just pop over to her site for that tutorial

So I whipped some up during Masie's nap
Ohh, how I love nap time!

Heres How:
All you need is 
2 champagne corks,
 A few book pages, I used 4
some hot glue and a gun
some twine
a little wire
and a few buttons
First I cut my pages in half lengthwise, then I cut all four layers at once into paper fringe
this does not have to be exact, I just followed the lines on the page

I put little dots of hot glue one corner of each layer to hold them together while I wrapped them around the cork. I also put hot glue on the body of the cork to help secure the pages.

After the paper fringe was all glued on I took some jute twine and wrapped it around 5 or 6 times

adding little dots of hot glue along the way to keep the twine from getting loose

I made little wire loops and poked them into the tops of the corks so I could
tie each one of the tassels to the ends of a length of twine.
I decided to add a few vintage buttons to the tops of the tassels,
but this is where a gal could really get creative.
the possibilities are endless!

Last, I took a pencil and sorta curled out the paper fringe.
What a great idea huh? Thanks Quick Fix Mama!

her's where they are going to live for now,
 as long as little fingers don't mess with them too much!

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  1. Thank you for the cork tutorial. Love the tassel idea - your suggestion of rhinestones has my wheels turning! : ) Happy Creating, Catherine (newest follower)


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