Friday, June 17, 2011

IF your Happy and You know it...

Thank a teacher! I know I am!
I was going to make Orion's teacher a gift anyhow but then I read the unbelievably sweet note she sent home for him about how special and wonderful he is (it made me cry!)
So then I knew I really had to make something special just for her...

I altered this canvas tote bag that I bought for $1.00 at Michael's by sewing the bottom corners flat. Then I added a little turquoise flower I made and stitched a real pearl into the center.
Next I cut out the phrase " If you're happy and You know it thank a teacher" using my new silhouette and some freezer paper. I simply ironed the freezer paper to the bag and painted the phrase.Then peeled the freezer paper off and filled my bag with some nice organic hand soap, and organic lotion, and a chocolate bar.
Orion and I each made a card ( I cried while filling mine out, I know I'm silly!) and I tucked the cards into the bag.

Today is the last day of school which they call "Dance Day" All the kids, teachers, and parents dance their booty's off on the playground and each class even practices a special dance to preform in front of everyone else. Orion's class is doing the "Boogie Walk," seriously, how cute is that?
We are off to our very last day of kindergarten,  Hooray Summer!

Peace don't laugh at my dance skills!

Ladybird Ln


  1. This is so sweet! That must be the nicest gift for a teacher ever!
    Just found your blog through pinterest and mentioned your blog at mine today.I love your cake tin lamp tutorial! Thanks + have a great weekend!

  2. This is very cute. Wish I had a silhouette - Oh the possibilities.
    That is so cute that you cried writing out the card - so soft hearted :)


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