Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sweet Wine Slushies

I love a good slushy, but the strangely neon corn syrup concoctions that sit mixing perpetually in convenience stores give me the creeps. Plus sometimes a girl wants a more complex flavor than blue suspiciousberry.
That's where my unwavering love for my Cuisinart ice cream maker comes in.
And just in case you do not own an ice cream maker my beloved little churner is on sale with coupon at costco as we speak!
 Yes, my ice cream maker and I shall someday conquer the world, but for now I'm happy being the cool mom that makes homemade frozen treats for the neighborhood kids.
Today, however I made myself a slushy, a decidedly grown-up one with only 2 ingredients.

Nothing is safe from becoming a cold delicious treat in my home, after all I am the one who made bacon cookies a few months ago, mmmm...bacon ice cream

Anyways, today I simply poured a cup and a half of red wine and 1 can of squirt into my ice cream maker and then flipped the switch 
15 minutes later I had a perfect slushified wine cooler!

Luckly my ice cream maker came with 2 crocks so I can make the hubby and I a batch of these and then make a more kid friendly batch for the little ones.

Peace and Brain Freeze!

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