Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh the mess and Mayhem

So this morning I decided that my blog needed a new look...cut to me practically in tears as I royally mess up my blog!
Can anyone recommend a good blog designer that can get me a nice not messed up blog, like yesterday?
I've found a few but they are all currently busy
That's what I get for trying to add a menu bar, which should be a lot easier to do then it apparently is.
I'm looking at you Blogger!
Okay I swear this Hissy Fit is over but you're gonna have to bear with my less than stellar blog for at least a few days.

Peace get off your huffy bike!


  1. Your newest follower!! LOVED your copper countertops featured on Remodelaholic!

  2. I'll do your menu for free if you give me the long in info. If I can do it (believe me I had problems too) anyone can do it. Shoot I would never have attempted what you did with the copper counters. Wow and double wow! My sister and her contractor boyfriend did our kitchen. We paid them of course! We painted the cabinets white and painted the walls a dark yellow. It looks into my living/dining room which is a lighter creamy yellow. The counters are laminate and look like travertine (ok a cheap version).

    Anyways, you can email me at


  3. It isn't you at all - Blogger seems to be being a bugger at the moment! I have been trying to do nice things to my blog's appearance too. For the last week. And it is just not getting anywhere. Sigh. So, hang in there - it looks fine - though I didn't get to see yesterday.
    I found you through Remodelaholic and your amazing kitchen benches. Fabulous. Wonder if I can get coppeer sheeting here in Australia for something less than national debt? We don't have copper roofing here at all - though prob the copper comes from us originally...
    Hugs, Jasmine in Oz

  4. I just added you as a follower. Love your site, those copper counters are gorgeous! I was with Blogger as well and had HUGE frustrations. I had found this great gal to work with at I just moved over to Wordpress this weekend and really, haven't looked at it too much but can't wait to figure it all out. Blogger was driving me crazy.
    Her name is Julie and she is very kind and completely on top of things. She gets right back to you when you have silly questions, ok that is just me. Take a look at my site also and then look at hers.
    I'm also from northern Cal and love all your outdoor shots!
    Hope this helps and thanks for all your tutorials!
    xoxo, cami


A kind word always brightens my day!

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