Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday 10 - Comfort Foods

Ive decided to start participating in the "Tuesday 10" parties over at Under the Table and Dreaming, and because it's one of those days around that time of the month I'm going to share all of my favorite comfort foods. I found most of the images on Pinterest and now I'm going to have to cook about half of them, thanks a lot pinterest!


{10} Fried Okra- If you think you don't like Okra then let me make you a batch, mine is never slimy!
(from wanderingairstream.com)

{9} Greek yogurt- This is a good recipe for homemade too
(from Salad-in-a-jar.com)

{8} Beer Batter fish- I prefer Halibut
(From thecomfortofcooking.com)

{7} Chocolate anything! But this mousse looks To. Die. For.
(from cafefrenando.com)

{6} Fizzy Water- My beer brewing husband keeps a keg full of carbonated tap water made up just for me, and I drink a lot of it!
(from pinterest)

{5} Cheese! I might as well change my name to Wallace cause I'm crackers for the stuff!
(from Hautedesign.com)

{4} Doughnut Muffins, recipe here
(from me, lilliedale)

{3} Earl grey Latte (London Fog) Even Orion has me make him a decaf one! maybe with a doughnut muffin...
(From pinterest)

{2} Hot Sauerkraut with sausages. Thanks to my intestinal issues I can only eat this every once in a while but that makes it all the more comforting
(from simplyrecipes.com)

{1} Creamy Polenta with Fried eggs. This is my absolute favorite thing to eat in the entire world! I probably have this 2-3 times a week.
(from simplybreakfast.blogspot.com)

Well that's my 10, now I gotta run, I'm starving! Next week I'll post about something other than food, I swear!

Peace pass the salt!


  1. These all look wonderful! Those muffins look delish!

  2. Wow - not sure which one I want to try first...the beer battered fish and donut muffins both look yummy!

    Thanks so much for sharing your {ten}. Hope you had a wonderful fourth ~ Stephanie Lynn


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